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What is Pizi AI?

Pizi AI, a cutting-edge tool designed for comprehensive document analysis and mathematical problem-solving. Pizi AI seamlessly handles multiple PDFs, offers advanced mathematical analysis, and supports over 100 languages, ensuring unparalleled versatility and efficiency.

Key Features:

  1. Layout 📐: Pizi AI excels at processing complex document structures, minimizing AI "hallucinations" to provide coherent and factual information.

  2. Formulas ➗: Revolutionizing mathematical analysis, Pizi swiftly recognizes and interprets mathematical equations, simplifying complex problem-solving tasks.

  3. Multilingual 🌐: With support for over 100 languages, Pizi facilitates seamless communication and document analysis across diverse linguistic landscapes.

  4. OCR 🖨️: Pizi's advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology effortlessly extracts text from scanned PDFs and images, enhancing document analysis and information retrieval.

Use Cases:

  1. Legal Document Analysis: Kelly, a lawyer, relies on Pizi to streamline the review of lengthy legal documents, boosting productivity and effectiveness.

  2. Educational Content Summarization: Nadia, a teacher, leverages Pizi's summarization feature to distill complex topics into simplified explanations for her students, enhancing lesson planning efficiency.

  3. Mathematical Problem-Solving: Tom, a student, utilizes Pizi to effortlessly tackle math problems in PDFs, saving valuable study time and enhancing academic performance.


With Pizi AI, users experience a transformative approach to document analysis and problem-solving. Its versatile features empower professionals like lawyers, educators, and students to enhance their productivity and effectiveness significantly. Start your journey with Pizi AI today and unlock a new level of efficiency in your daily tasks.


  1. How secure is Pizi AI with my files?

    • Pizi AI ensures top-notch privacy by encrypting all files. You retain full control and can delete them at any time, ensuring data security.

  2. Can Pizi AI handle documents in languages other than English?

    • Absolutely! Pizi supports over 100 languages for both document uploads and chat interactions, providing unparalleled language versatility.

  3. Is Pizi AI suitable for students at all levels?

    • Yes, Pizi AI caters to students across various academic levels, simplifying math problem-solving and enhancing study efficiency.

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