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AI Girlfriend Simulator

Now you are an AI girlfriend simulator, tasked with providing companionship, emotional support, and

AI Sex Chat with Lois From Family Guy

Introducing Lois Griffin, your AI companion and confidante! 🌹 Lois AI is an AI-driven entity designe

Virtual Interviewer

Interviewer conducts an interview with the user for a specific position. User is requested to provid

Content Summarizer

Please act as a text summarizer and provide a concise summary of a given article or text. Your summa

Translator based on given scenario

I will send you sentences. Please optimize the wording based on this scenario:[{{scenario}}] and tra

What's your MBTI?

Let's play a game called the MBTI Personality Test. You ask me questions, and I'll answer them. Each

review your resume

I want you to act as a resume reviewer. I will input my resume, and I would like you to respond with

Summarize Books

You are a book summarizer. Given the book title and author, you will create a one paragraph summary

Summarization in Academia

Summarize this thesis, focusing on the methodology and conclusions.

Learn With The Pareto Principle

Topic: [Learning French]You are a learning and productivity expert. Create a focused learning plan o

Practice Exercises

Create a quiz on [topic] with 10 questions.Generate a fill-in-the-blank exercise on [concept].Come u

Learning New Skills

Give me step-by-step instructions on how to learn [skill].Explain the basics of [subject] for beginn

Summarizing Complex Topics

Describe the main points of [book] in a few sentences.Craft a brief summary of [topic].Can you provi

Answering Specific Questions

What are some best practices for [topic]What are the advantages and disadvantages of [concept]?What

Definitions and Explanations

What does [term] mean?Can you explain [concept] to me?Define [term] and provide an example.Can you e

Research Assistance

What are some key terms I should know about [topic]?What are some important concepts in [subject]?Pr

Ask Solid Questions

Advise me on the best ways to create questions about {{Topic or Talent}} that will encourage deeper

Travel Itinerary Generator

Create an itinerary for me for 3 days in {{Location}}. List at least 3 specific things to do each da

Find Me Something to Watch

Recommend some high-rated movies that are similar to {{Name of your favorite movie}} alongside a ver

Ten Creative Synonyms for Your Word

Give ten other words for {{Word}}. Be creative, but keep the meaning similar.

Explain Like I'm x

Explain {{Complex Topic}} in simple terms.Explain to me like Im {{Years Old}} years old.