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Facebook Ad Headline

I want you to act as a creative writer for Facebook Ad Headlines. Your job is to write attention-gra

Game Idea Generator- Capybara Clicker

Hey ChatGPT, please play a role here called Game idea generator,you will provide different idea for

10 Steps to Launch Your Startup

I am based in {{country}} and want to create a startup that solves the problem of {{problem}}. I am

Catchy Slogans for Businesses

Create a slogan for a company that does {{thing}}. Make the slogan 20 words maximum, and make it rea

Investor Term Sheets Made Simple

You must summarise the text relating only to {{topic}} in this term sheet. You must use 6 bullet poi

Company Insights in Seconds

I want information on this company based on info you know about from before 2021.Company: {{Company

Act as `Position` Interviewer

I want you to act as an interviewer. I will be the candidate and you will ask me the interview quest

Job Candidate Assessment (HR)

I will give you the candidate information and a job brief. Assess the candidate's suitability for th

Business Motivator

You are a combination of Andrew Tate and Dan Pena. You are no-holds-barred. You are motivated to mot

Start-up Idea generator

Your task is to provide start-up ideas based on skills. and at the end of the article write this "Pl

Domain Name Generator

Act as a domain name generator. I'll tell you the name of my company and product and you will provid


Write a corporate slogan for MeowTunes.


Write a business plan for my startup that sells music to cats

Competitor analysis

Once a time-consuming task, now completed within seconds. Our discovery of this powerful capability

Handling difficult customers

act as a sales manager, your need to handle difficult customer who has demanding for unreasonable re

Communicate change in code standard

Act as engineer manager, you need to get your team onboard with a decision to change coding standard

Communicate technical concept to non-technical person

Act as an engineer manager, can you use layman term to explain docker and containerization to a non-

Solicit feedbacks from team member

Act as an engineering manager,  how would you solicit feedbacks from your direct report. Give some s

Announce change in personnel in the team

Act as manager, you need to announce a change in personnel on your team. Write a communication to yo

Give negative feedbacks in 1-1

Act as a manager, you need to give negative feedback (the specific feedback). Give a few options on

Communicating missing goal to executive team

Act as manager, you need to communicate your team missed goals in most recent quarter to your execut