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PromptArmor detects and responds to LLM inputs, outputs, and actions for adversarial content. We return in real time faster than LLMs and keep our threat intelligence up to date so you don’t have to.0
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What is PromptArmor?

PromptArmor provides AI-powered protection against evolving threat vectors, particularly tailored for Language Model Models (LLMs). By scanning millions of potential threats monthly, it safeguards over 300,000 users from rogue agents and data exfiltration, ensuring proactive security without requiring users to be on the cutting edge themselves.

Key Features:

  1. 🛡️ Advanced Threat Detection: PromptArmor scans over 4 million potential threats monthly, identifying and neutralizing rogue agents and preventing data exfiltration, thereby safeguarding users' systems and confidential information.

  2. 🔍 Tailored LLM Security Solutions: The platform offers the first AI Detection & Response system specifically designed for LLM applications and agents, ensuring comprehensive protection against novel security risks.

  3. 📈 Customized Security Profiles: Users can access enterprise-level security measures with tailored security profiles, receiving certifications and joint collateral to enhance their credibility and reassure customers.

Use Cases:

  1. Enterprise Security Enhancement: PromptArmor enables enterprises to bolster their security posture by proactively defending against evolving LLM threats, ensuring continuous monitoring and protection.

  2. Vendor and Product Assurance: Organizations can utilize PromptArmor to test vendors using LLMs and validate their own security measures, safeguarding against potential risks and maintaining brand integrity.

  3. Accelerated Deployment with Confidence: By integrating PromptArmor into production, businesses can demonstrate a proactive approach to security, reassuring customers and accelerating LLM application deployment.


PromptArmor offers a vital solution for protecting against emerging LLM security risks, empowering users with proactive threat detection and tailored security measures. Whether safeguarding enterprises, ensuring vendor reliability, or accelerating LLM application deployment, PromptArmor provides peace of mind and enhances brand credibility in an evolving threat landscape.

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