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Parse complex docs and optimally chunk content to improve RAG performance with any vector database.0
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What is Reducto AI?

Reducto is an AI tool that transforms intricate, unstructured documents into organized data, ideal for processes like RAG analysis, automation, and more. It simplifies the extraction of information from complex documents, saving time and streamlining workflows.

Key Features:

  1. 🔍 Contextual Parsing: Reducto dissects document layouts into sections and intelligently analyzes each based on content type, ensuring accurate extraction of text, tables, graphs, and images.

  2. 📊 Data Conversion: It automatically converts graphical data into tabular formats and summarizes images within documents, facilitating easier data interpretation and analysis.

  3. 📝 Form Field Extraction: Reducto adeptly extracts crucial fields from intricate forms using natural language instructions, simplifying information retrieval and processing.

Use Cases:

  1. Insurance Claims Processing: Reducto streamlines the extraction of data from voluminous insurance claim documents, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in claims processing workflows.

  2. Healthcare Record Management: It assists healthcare providers in efficiently organizing and extracting pertinent information from diverse medical records, optimizing patient care and administrative tasks.

  3. Financial Document Analysis: Reducto proves invaluable in the finance sector by swiftly converting complex financial statements and invoices into structured data, aiding in analysis and decision-making processes.


Reducto offers a transformative solution to the pervasive challenge of handling unstructured document data, enabling organizations to unlock valuable insights and improve operational efficiency. With its advanced features for context-based parsing, data conversion, and form field extraction, Reducto is poised to revolutionize document processing across industries.

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Updated Date: 2024-02-12
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