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Reiki is where creator economy meets AI and blockchain. Turn your creativity into profits with Reiki's AI creation toolkits, on-chain ownership proof, AI agents marketplace, and a thriving community of over 88K members.0
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What is Reiki by Web3Go?

Reiki is a groundbreaking digital asset platform tailored for creators and contributors in the AI era. It offers user-friendly toolkits for leveraging GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) and provides diverse monetization methods. This platform is the brainchild of the founders of Web3Go, drawing on their extensive experience in AI and blockchain technology.

Main Features

  1. User-Friendly GPTs Creation Tools: Reiki caters to creators of all skill levels, offering intuitive tools for crafting AI chatbots and digital content.

  2. AI-Native Digital Asset Rights: The platform enables creators to transform their skills and knowledge into blockchain-powered assets, such as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), revolutionizing digital ownership.

  3. Proof of Creativity (PoC): Reiki values the entire creative process, not just the end product. It celebrates and monetizes the journey of creation, recognizing the importance of every creative thought and step.

Application Scenarios

  1. Solo AI Creators: Independent creators can leverage Reiki’s tools to develop sophisticated AI chatbots and digital content, harnessing the power of AI for their creative endeavors.

  2. Blockchain and AI Enthusiasts: For those interested in the intersection of blockchain and AI, Reiki offers a platform to explore, create, and monetize digital assets in these fields.

  3. Content Creators Seeking Monetization: Reiki provides content creators with innovative ways to monetize their work through blockchain technology, opening new revenue streams.


Reiki represents a significant advancement in the world of AI-native digital asset creation. It lowers the barrier to entry for creators, empowers them with innovative monetization methods, and values the entire creative process. With its launch, Reiki opens up exciting opportunities for creators and contributors to earn income and explore the vast potential of AI and blockchain technology in the digital realm. Join the Reiki community and be part of the AI-native digital asset revolution!

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