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Rhesis AI empowers enterprises to navigate Gen AI application complexities, ensuring robustness, reliability and compliance at every stage of development and deployment.0
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What is Rhesis AI?

Rhesis AI introduces an all-in-one testing platform designed to ensure that Large Language Model (LLM) applications remain robust, reliable, and compliant with regulatory standards. By identifying and mitigating adverse behaviors and vulnerabilities, Rhesis AI builds confidence in LLM applications, guaranteeing they operate within defined scopes and regulations. The platform offers comprehensive test benches, automated benchmarking, and deep insights to uncover 'unknown unknowns' in application behavior, while ensuring adherence to industry standards and government regulations.

Key Features: 

  1. Automated Testing for Trustworthiness🤖

    • Gain insights into adversarial robustness, factual reliability, and regulatory compliance.

    • Ensure applications stay within defined scope and regulations.

  2. Comprehensive Test Benches & Customization📊

    • Access a variety of adversarial, industry-specific, and compliance test benches.

    • Customize test benches as needed for specific use cases.

  3. Automated Benchmarking Engine🏎️

    • Schedule or run continuous quality assurance tests.

    • Identify gaps and unwanted behaviors to guarantee strong performance.

  4. Deep Insights & Recommendations🔍

    • Receive well-prepared overviews of evaluation results and error classifications.

    • Benefit from mitigation strategies for issues identified in benchmarks.

  5. Seamless Integration & No Code Changes💾

    • Effortlessly integrate into any existing environment.

    • Continuously benchmark LLM applications for operational confidence.

Use Cases: 

  1. Chatbot Applications:

    • Continuously test chatbots to ensure they handle customer inquiries accurately and remain compliant with data protection regulations.

  2. E-commerce Platforms:

    • Benchmark e-commerce AI recommendations to maintain reliability and robustness, avoiding biases and ensuring customer satisfaction.

  3. Financial Services:

    • Assess AI-driven financial advice systems for compliance with financial regulations and robustness against adversarial attacks.


Rhesis AI is your go-to solution for ensuring the trustworthiness of LLM applications. By proactively assessing robustness, reliability, and compliance, Rhesis AI helps you anticipate and mitigate issues before they escalate. Experience the peace of mind that comes from using a platform designed to enhance the performance and reliability of your AI applications. Join the ranks of confident AI users by booking a demo or reading case studies on the Rhesis AI website. Stay ahead of the curve with Rhesis AI, where trustworthiness meets expertise in crafting AI success stories! 

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