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What is SecBrain - AI Voice Recorder?

SecBrain is an artificial intelligence-powered voice recorder. It records audio with a messy thought and transforms it into clear text. SecBrain uses AI to optimize something uniquely human: creativity.

Key features:

Magic Method: Enrich your text by adding two or three paragraphs with just one touch, maintaining the original content. This function will bring many new ideas to your work.

Automatic Tasks: Convert a note into tasks or simply create a task list from audio. It's an easy way to clear your mind of tasks or generate a shopping list while checking your fridge or pantry.

Online and Offline Mode: Record audio even when offline, ensuring you never miss an idea.

Notes from Videos: Create a new note from a TikTok or Instagram video.

Audios of up to 15 minutes.

Use Cases:

1. Simplify Meeting Minutes: Easily convert meeting recordings into organized notes that capture key points and action items. 2. Content Creation Made Easy: Transform inspiring TikTok or Instagram videos into written ideas for blog posts or social media captions. 3. Efficient Task Management: Generate task lists directly from your voice recordings to stay organized and prioritize important actions.


SecBrain - Voice Note with AI revolutionizes the way we capture our thoughts by providing a simple yet powerful platform for transforming spoken words into structured texts. Its features like unlimited audio recording, note generation from videos, automatic task creation, and AI-powered text enrichment make it an indispensable tool for professionals seeking efficiency in their daily workflows. Experience the convenience firsthand and unlock the true potential of your ideas with SecBrain - Voice Note with AI. 


1. How long can I record audio using SecBrain?   

- You can record audio for up to 15 minutes without any limitations.   

2. Can I generate notes from TikTok or Instagram videos?   

- Yes, you can easily convert inspiring videos from TikTok or Instagram into written notes on SecBrain.   

3. What is the Magic Methods feature?   - The Magic Methods feature allows you to effortlessly generate additional paragraphs, create to-do lists from audio recordings, and convert notes into email or video scripts with just a single click.

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