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Seneca, your very own assistant for grading & student feedback. Seneca uses the same AI technology as ChatGPT to grade complex material & provide students with personalized feedback.0
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What is Seneca Tech Ventures?

Introducing Seneca, your ultimate grading co-pilot. Seneca harnesses advanced AI technology to revolutionize grading and student feedback. With the power of ChatGPT, it offers personalized feedback for complex material and transforms your grading process.

Key Features:

1️⃣ Grading Assistance: Seneca swiftly grades assignments, making it your reliable first-line grading partner. It ensures consistency and accuracy in evaluating student work.

2️⃣ Student Interaction: Seneca provides each student with a unique link for every question. This link grants access to an interface where students can inquire about their grades and receive assistance from a Socratic tutor to enhance their understanding and performance.

3️⃣ Moderation and Compliance: Seneca offers a Moderation Document for easy integration into your Learning Management System (LMS). It's FERPA compliant, and Data Processing Agreements are available upon request, ensuring data security and compliance.

Use Cases:

1️⃣ Streamlined Grading: Seneca accelerates the grading process, reducing the time needed to grade assignments, making it ideal for educators with heavy workloads.

2️⃣ Enhanced Student Engagement: Seneca's unique student interaction feature fosters active learning by allowing students to seek clarification and assistance, ultimately improving their academic performance.

3️⃣ Effortless Integration: Whether you're an educator or an institution, Seneca's LMS integration and compliance with FERPA requirements make it a seamless addition to your educational toolkit.


Seneca is a game-changer in the education sector. With its grading assistance, student interaction capabilities, and compliance measures, it not only simplifies the grading process but also enhances student engagement and data security. Experience efficient grading and improved learning outcomes with Seneca by your side.

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