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Improve your music creation process with Skymusic.AI—an AI music product with features like AI writing, music generation, and reference track integration for professional musicians. Try it now!0
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What is SkyMusic.AI?

Skymusic.AI is an AI music product designed for professional musicians. It offers a range of features to enhance creativity and productivity, including AI writing for generating lyrics, music generation based on prompts, the ability to record motifs for melodies, and the option to add a reference track for generating songs in a specific style. The platform also allows for easy editing and modification of lyrics, chords, and sections, with instant presentation of changes. Skymusic.AI is currently open for trial and feedback.

Key Features:

1. AI Writing: Skymusic.AI enables users to generate complete lyrics quickly with the click of a button. This feature provides professional musicians with a valuable tool for enhancing their creative inspiration and productivity.

2. Music Generation with Prompts: Users can describe their desired music genre, mood, and instruments using prompts, and Skymusic.AI will generate music that meets their expectations. This feature allows musicians to explore different musical styles and experiment with new ideas.

3. Reference Track Integration: By adding a reference track, Skymusic.AI can generate a song that closely matches the style, arrangement, mood, and form of the reference. This feature is particularly useful for musicians who want to create music in a specific genre or emulate a particular artist's style.

Use Cases:

1. Songwriting: Skymusic.AI can be effectively utilized by professional musicians for songwriting. The AI writing feature allows users to quickly generate lyrics, while the music generation feature provides a platform for creating melodies and arrangements. This tool can help musicians overcome creative blocks and explore new musical ideas.

2. Music Production: Skymusic.AI can also be used in the production process. The ability to add a reference track allows musicians to create songs that align with a specific style or mood. Additionally, the platform's editing and modification features enable musicians to refine and enhance their compositions with ease.

3. Creative Exploration: Skymusic.AI offers a space for musicians to experiment and explore different musical genres and styles. The music generation feature based on prompts allows users to step outside their comfort zone and discover new creative possibilities. This tool can be particularly valuable for musicians looking to expand their artistic horizons.


Skymusic.AI is an AI music product that empowers professional musicians with a range of features to enhance their creativity and productivity. With AI writing, music generation based on prompts, reference track integration, and easy editing capabilities, Skymusic.AI provides a comprehensive platform for songwriting and music production. By offering a space for creative exploration, Skymusic.AI enables musicians to push their artistic boundaries and create unique and compelling music.

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