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EasySplitter is the most innovative technology in the music industry. Just upload the track and remove vocals from a song, get 4 separated music versions - Vocal, Instrumental, Bass & Drums.0
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What is EasySplitter?

EasySplitter is a groundbreaking AI-based vocal remover tool designed specifically for DJs, singers, sound producers, composers, music arrangers, and anyone involved in music mixing and mastering. This innovative technology allows users to upload a track and effortlessly remove vocals, resulting in four separate music versions: Vocal, Instrumental, Bass, and Drums. With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, EasySplitter simplifies the process of creating instrumental tracks, improving vocal skills, and enhancing music production.

Key Features:

  1. 🎤 Vocal Removal: Effortlessly remove vocals from any song with precision, creating instrumental tracks in seconds. 

  2. 🎹 Instrumental Isolation: Obtain clean instrumental versions of songs, perfect for performances and practice. 

  3. 🎼 Multi-Version Creation: Generate four distinct music versions - Vocal, Instrumental, Bass, and Drums - from a single track.

  4. 🚀 Fast Processing: Experience lightning-fast processing speeds, allowing for quick and efficient song splitting. 

  5. 📱 Web and Mobile Synchronization: Seamlessly switch between the web and mobile app, with all files and functionalities available across platforms. 

  6. 🐛 Bug-Free Performance: Enjoy a smooth, bug-free experience thanks to clean code and rigorous professional testing.

  7. 🎧 Karaoke Maker: Transform any song into a karaoke track by removing vocals, ideal for karaoke software developers and enthusiasts.

Use Cases:

  1. DJs: EasySplitter serves as a professional instrumental maker, enabling DJs to create unique mixes and transitions.

  2. Singers: Singers can practice and improve their vocal skills by removing vocals from songs and performing with the instrumental tracks.

  3. Students: Music students and educators can utilize EasySplitter to learn and teach vocal techniques effectively.


EasySplitter is revolutionizing the music industry by providing a fast, efficient, and user-friendly solution for vocal removal and track splitting. Whether you’re a DJ, singer, or music producer, EasySplitter empowers you to take your music to new heights. Experience the future of music production and join the EasySplitter community today!

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