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StableStudio is Stability AI's official open-source variant of DreamStudio, our user interface for generative AI.0
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What is StableStudio?

StableStudio is a web-based application developed by Stability AI, designed to create and edit generated images using generative AI. It offers a user-friendly interface and the flexibility to integrate with different back-ends through its plugin system.

Key Features:

🎨 Image Creation: StableStudio allows users to generate and modify images using generative AI algorithms, providing a wide range of creative possibilities.

✂️ Editing Tools: The application offers a variety of editing tools to fine-tune generated images, enabling users to customize their creations with ease.

💻 Plugin System: StableStudio's plugin system allows users to integrate the application with different back-end systems, giving them the freedom to choose the most suitable solution for their needs.

Use Cases:

1. Graphic Design: StableStudio can be used by graphic designers to quickly generate unique images and illustrations for various projects, saving time and effort in the creative process.

2. Content Creation: Bloggers, social media influencers, and content creators can leverage StableStudio to generate eye-catching visuals and enhance the visual appeal of their content.

3. Research and Development: Researchers and developers can utilize StableStudio to explore the capabilities of generative AI algorithms, experimenting with different parameters and generating novel visual outputs.


StableStudio provides a user-friendly platform for creating and editing generated images using generative AI. With its intuitive interface, a wide range of editing tools, and the flexibility to integrate with different back-ends, StableStudio offers a seamless and efficient workflow for graphic designers, content creators, researchers, and developers. Experience the power of generative AI and streamline your creative process by trying StableStudio today!

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