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Efficiently communicate project vision to your development team and simplify your project management process with our AI-powered tool.0
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What is Storylist?

Storylist is a cutting-edge AI-powered tool designed to revolutionize project management for businesses of all sizes. By transforming complex project ideas into actionable tasks, it ensures seamless communication between non-tech founders and development teams. With features like instant user story generation, team collaboration, and automatic task syncing with GitHub, Storylist simplifies the project management process, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Key Features:

  1. 🚀 Instant User Story Generation: Input project ideas or requirements, and Storylist automatically generates user stories.

  2. 🤝 Team Collaboration: Add team members to collaborate effectively, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

  3. ⏰ Automatic Time Estimates: Plan project timelines and budgets with the help of automatic time estimates for each task.

  4. 🔗 Public Project Board Sharing: Generate a shareable public link of your project boards to communicate with external parties.

  5. 🤖 GitHub Integration: Sync tasks directly with GitHub in the background, streamlining the development process.

Use Cases:

  1. Non-Tech Founder: Share your vision with developers without getting lost in tech jargon.

  2. Solopreneur: Manage your projects efficiently, even when working alone.

  3. Freelance Developer: Collaborate seamlessly with clients and other team members.

How Does It Work?

Storylist operates on a simple yet powerful principle: you input your project ideas or requirements, and the AI engine generates user stories and tasks. These can then be shared with your team, and even external stakeholders, through a public link. Tasks are automatically synced with GitHub, ensuring a smooth development process.

How to Use?

  1. Sign up for a free or paid plan on the Storylist website.

  2. Input your project idea and features into the platform.

  3. Storylist will generate user stories and tasks based on your input.

  4. Share the project board with your team and external parties.

  5. Sync tasks with GitHub for seamless development.


Storylist is more than just a project management tool—it’s a partner in your journey from idea to execution. With its AI-powered features, it simplifies the complexities of project management, allowing you to focus on what matters most: bringing your vision to life. Whether you’re a non-tech founder, a solopreneur, or a freelance developer, Storylist offers a solution tailored to your needs. Try it today and experience the magic of effortless project management.

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