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SwinIR: Image Restoration Using Swin Transformer (official repository)0
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What is swinir?

SwinIR is an advanced image restoration tool based on the Swin Transformer architecture, implemented in PyTorch. It excels in various image recovery tasks such as super-resolution, denoising, and removal of JPEG compression artifacts. The tool is structured around shallow feature extraction, deep feature extraction, and high-quality image reconstruction, delivering state-of-the-art performance with optimized parameters.

Key Features:

  1. Super-Resolution: SwinIR is capable of significantly increasing the resolution of low-quality images, making it ideal for enhancing the clarity and detail of visual data.

  2. Denoising: The tool effectively removes noise from images, improving their overall visual quality and making them more suitable for professional use.

  3. JPEG Artifact Removal: It specializes in reducing the artifacts caused by JPEG compression, restoring the image’s original quality and details.

  4. Versatility in Image Types: SwinIR supports both grayscale and color images, making it a versatile tool for various image restoration needs.

  5. Advanced Architecture: Utilizing the Swin Transformer, SwinIR ensures high performance and accuracy in image processing tasks.

Application Scenarios:

  1. Enhancing Low-Resolution Images: Ideal for situations where low-resolution images need to be upscaled for better clarity, such as in digital art restoration or satellite imagery analysis.

  2. Noise Reduction in Photography: Photographers can use SwinIR to remove noise from their images, resulting in cleaner and more professional photographs.

  3. Improving Compressed Images: Users can employ SwinIR to restore images that have lost quality due to JPEG compression, useful in digital archiving or online media editing.


SwinIR stands out as a cutting-edge tool for image restoration, leveraging the powerful Swin Transformer architecture. Its ability to handle a range of restoration tasks, from super-resolution to denoising and artifact removal, makes it an invaluable asset for professionals dealing with image enhancement and quality improvement. The tool’s efficiency and effectiveness in improving image quality position it as a leading choice in the field of image processing.

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