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What is Teachguin?

Teachguin is an online tutoring platform that aims to provide small group tutoring sessions. The platform is currently in the beta testing phase and offers a lifetime discount for participants. While it does not have a personalized landing page for tutors, this feature is planned for future development. Additionally, the platform will soon be able to accept payments from students and allow them to schedule classes directly on the platform.

Key Features:

1. Small Group Tutoring: Teachguin focuses on providing small group tutoring sessions, allowing tutors to engage with multiple students simultaneously. This approach promotes collaborative learning and enables students to benefit from peer interaction.

2. Lifetime Discount: By participating in Teachguin's beta test, tutors can enjoy a lifetime discount on the platform's services. This provides long-term cost savings and incentivizes early adoption of the platform.

3. Future Development Plans: Teachguin has several features planned for future implementation, including a personalized landing page for tutors. This will enhance their visibility and attract more potential students. Additionally, the platform aims to enable payment acceptance from students and implement a scheduling system by the end of 2024.

Use Cases:

1. Language Learning Groups: Teachguin can be utilized by language tutors who want to conduct interactive group lessons with their students. The small group format allows for effective practice opportunities while maintaining individual attention.

2.Mathematics Study Sessions: Math tutors can leverage Teachguin's small group tutoring feature to facilitate collaborative problem-solving among their students. Students can learn from each other's approaches and gain different perspectives on mathematical concepts.

3.Test Preparation Classes: Tutors offering test preparation courses can use Teachguin as an online classroom where they guide multiple students through exam-specific strategies and content review sessions.

Teachguin is an innovative online tutoring platform that prioritizes small group learning experiences while offering convenience through its digital interface.The opportunity to participate in its beta test comes with a lifetime discount, making it an attractive option for tutors. With planned features such as personalized landing pages, payment acceptance, and scheduling capabilities, Teachguin aims to provide a comprehensive solution for online tutoring needs. Whether it's language learning groups, mathematics study sessions, or test preparation classes, Teachguin offers practicality and value to both tutors and students alike.

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