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Tiempo helps you focus by blocking distracting websites and redirecting your attention to productive tasks.0
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What is Tiempo?

Tiempo is a Chrome extension that helps you stay focused by blocking distracting websites and redirecting your attention to more productive tasks. It uses AI to evaluate the content you are browsing in real time and blocks sites that are not aligned with your goals.

Key Features: 

🚫 Distracting Website Blocker: Tiempo blocks websites that are not relevant to your predefined goals, helping you stay focused on your tasks. 

🔍 Content Evaluation: The extension samples text snippets from the page you are viewing and combines that with domain information to understand the content being displayed. 

🔒 Privacy Protection: Tiempo includes multiple safeguards to prevent the collection of sensitive information, ensuring your privacy.

Use Cases:

  1. Boosting Productivity: Tiempo is perfect for professionals and students who want to minimize distractions and increase their productivity by blocking websites that hinder their focus.

  2. Studying and Research: When conducting research or studying online, Tiempo ensures that you only access relevant and reliable sources, saving you time and improving the quality of your work.

  3. Goal-Oriented Browsing: If you have specific goals, such as weight loss or learning a new skill, Tiempo can help you stay on track by blocking websites that deviate from your objectives.


Tiempo is a powerful Chrome extension that helps you maintain focus and achieve your goals by blocking distracting websites. With its content evaluation and privacy protection features, it ensures a seamless and secure browsing experience. Try Tiempo now and experience the efficiency it brings to your online activities.

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Updated Date: 2024-05-09
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