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What is Top Pushup?

Top Pushup is a revolutionary AI-powered app designed to enhance your pushup experience. With its advanced features, including live pushup counting, form correction, and multilingual support, Top Pushup ensures you can focus solely on your workout while the app takes care of the rest. Its ability to differentiate between various pushup forms and provide real-time feedback makes it a standout choice for anyone looking to improve their pushup technique.

Key Features

  • 🌟 Live AI Form Analysis: Top Pushup uses AI to analyze your pushup form in real-time, providing instant feedback on your technique.

  • 📈 Accurate Pushup Counter: The app accurately counts your pushups, ensuring you can keep track of your progress without any manual effort.

  • 🔄 Form Correction: Receive audio feedback on your pushup form, helping you make necessary adjustments to maintain proper technique.

  • 🌐 Multilingual Support: Enjoy the app in your preferred language, making it accessible to users worldwide.

  • 📊 History of Sessions: Track your progress over time with a detailed history of your pushup sessions.

Use Cases

  • Beginners: Newcomers to fitness can benefit from the app’s form correction, ensuring they develop proper pushup technique from the start.

  • Intermediate Enthusiasts: For those looking to improve their pushup skills, the app’s real-time feedback can help fine-tune their form and track progress.

  • Calisthenics Coaches: Coaches can use Top Pushup to monitor their clients’ form and progress, providing a more personalized training experience.


Top Pushup is more than just a pushup counter; it’s your personal AI coach. By focusing on your effort and letting the app handle the counting and form correction, you can maximize the effectiveness of your pushup workouts. Whether you’re a fitness newbie or an experienced athlete, Top Pushup is here to help you perfect your pushup routine. Don’t just count your pushups; improve them with Top Pushup. Download now and experience the future of pushup training!

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