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Powered by AI, Translized simplifies software localization with seamless integrations, automations, and AI translations, all at an affordable price. Localize web and native apps with high quality in mind, while always having visibility of your project status.0
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What is Translized AI?

Translized is a cutting-edge translation management software designed to simplify and streamline the localization process for developers and product managers. With a focus on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and seamless integration, Translized offers a comprehensive suite of features to help businesses expand their reach globally. From high-quality localization to collaboration workflows, Translized ensures that your product speaks the language of your international audience.

Key Features

  1. Software Localization: Translized provides top-notch localization for applications, web interfaces, and games, ensuring that your digital products are culturally adapted and linguistically accurate in over 75 languages.

  2. Translation Management System (TMS): Easily set up projects, input translation terms, and manage your localization journey with precision and ease. Translized's TMS is designed to make global expansion swift and hassle-free.

  3. Machine & Human Translation: Combine the speed of machine translation with the accuracy of human translators. Translized offers Translation Memory, Term Tags, and Screenshots to enhance context-rich localization.

  4. Collaboration & Workflows: Enhance teamwork with user roles and intuitive term and project discussions. Translized facilitates a smooth and efficient localization process across all your projects.

  5. Developer Time Preservation: Automate your localization pipeline with Translized's API, CLI, SDKs, and Webhooks. Free up your developers to focus on innovation and product development.

Use Cases

  1. A software company quickly localizes its application into multiple languages, accelerating its global market entry.

  2. A game development studio uses Translized to localize its game, ensuring cultural relevance and enhancing player engagement worldwide.

  3. A product management team streamlines its localization workflow, reducing time-to-market and improving translation quality through collaboration.


Translized is your one-stop solution for efficient and cost-effective localization. Whether you're a developer, translator, or product manager, Translized empowers you to reach new markets with ease. Start your free trial today and experience the benefits of seamless localization.

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