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TrueUp is a CareerOS for top tech talent. TrueUp's AI scans every open tech job at every top startup and big tech co to give you the inside track on the best ones for you. Millions of exclusive tech data points to help you decide.0
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What is TrueUp?

TrueUp, the CareerOS tailored for individuals in the tech industry, leverages AI to provide real-time insights into over 213,000 top tech job opportunities. It offers an extensive database including every job from leading startups to big tech companies, along with comprehensive company profiles, financial data, and culture insights.

Key Features:

1️⃣ Real-time Job Scanning: Utilizing AI, TrueUp scans over 213,000 top tech job listings, ensuring users are always up-to-date with the latest opportunities.

2️⃣ Comprehensive Company Profiles: Gain access to detailed profiles of over 7,000 tech companies, including financial and growth data, customer information, and cultural insights.

3️⃣ Remote Work Options: TrueUp provides insights into remote work policies, including fully remote options, empowering users to find positions that align with their preferences.

4️⃣ Diversity and Benefits Insights: Discover companies offering diverse and inclusive environments, along with benefits like H1B sponsorships, with 1,682 approved in 2020.

Use Cases:

  1. Job Seeker: Sarah, a software engineer, uses TrueUp to find her next career move. With its real-time job scanning, she stays ahead of the competition and secures a position at a top startup offering remote work options and excellent benefits.

  2. Researcher: Alex, a tech industry researcher, relies on TrueUp for comprehensive company profiles and insights. He analyzes financial data and cultural information to make informed decisions about potential employers.

  3. Diversity Advocate: Maya, passionate about promoting diversity in tech, uses TrueUp to identify companies with inclusive cultures and benefits like H1B sponsorships, facilitating her efforts to support underrepresented groups in the industry.


TrueUp revolutionizes the job search process for tech professionals, offering unparalleled insights and opportunities. Don't miss out on your dream tech job – experience the efficiency of TrueUp today. With its AI-powered features, it's not just a job search tool; it's your key to unlocking the perfect tech career path.

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