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WorkHQ, the AI-driven platform revolutionizing CRM and recruitment. Streamline contact management, enhance candidate sourcing, and boost communication with our powerful features. Say goodbye to traditional tools and hello to efficiency. Sign up now!0
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What is WorkHQ?

WorkHQ is a groundbreaking AI-driven platform designed to revolutionize CRM and recruitment processes. It offers a suite of powerful features that streamline contact management, candidate sourcing, and communication, making it an ideal replacement for traditional tools like Salesforce and LinkedIn Recruiter.

Key Features:

  1. 🌐 Always Up To Date CRM: WorkHQ effortlessly syncs all your contacts, automatically updating their information as it changes. This ensures your CRM is always current.

  2. 🔍 Powerful AI Search: Find your exact customers or job candidates with precision using WorkHQ’s AI-powered search capabilities, equipping you with the resources of a top recruiting firm.

  3. 📞 Accurate Email and Phone Lookup: With a simple click, access personal and business emails as well as phone numbers, enriching your CRM with accurate contact details.

  4. 📈 Email, Text, and LinkedIn Sequencing (Coming Soon): Plan and execute outbound email campaigns with A/B testing and focus on deliverability, enhancing your sales and recruitment strategies.

  5. 🌐 Chrome Extension: Save contacts directly from LinkedIn, streamlining the process of adding new prospects to your projects.

Use Cases:

  1. Startups: WorkHQ aids startups in efficiently managing their contacts and sourcing the right candidates, optimizing their growth trajectory.

  2. Growing Enterprises: For expanding businesses, WorkHQ provides a robust platform to manage a large volume of contacts and recruit top talent.

  3. Recruiting Agencies: WorkHQ empowers recruiting agencies with advanced search and contact management tools, enhancing their service offerings.

How Does It Work?

WorkHQ utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to aggregate and analyze vast amounts of data from multiple sources. This data is then structured and cleansed to provide users with accurate, up-to-date information on contacts and candidates.

How to Use?

Simply sign up for WorkHQ and start leveraging its features. Whether you’re syncing contacts, conducting searches, or utilizing the Chrome extension, WorkHQ is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive.


WorkHQ is more than just a CRM or recruitment tool; it’s a comprehensive platform that simplifies and enhances the way businesses manage contacts and recruit talent. With its advanced AI capabilities and user-centric design, WorkHQ is poised to become the go-to solution for businesses of all sizes. Experience the efficiency and power of WorkHQ today and transform your CRM and recruitment processes.

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