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Our AI-based video cropping tool identifies the subjects on each video frame and crops them into a portrait video by enriching experience.0
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What is Videograph – Portrait PRO?

Videgraph offers an AI-driven landscape-to-portrait video cropping tool that allows users to automatically crop videos into portrait format in just a few minutes. By identifying the subjects on each video frame, the tool enhances the viewing experience on mobile and social media platforms.

Key Features:

1. AI-driven video cropping: Videgraph's tool utilizes artificial intelligence to identify the subjects in each video frame and crop them into portrait format. This automated process saves time and effort for users.

2. Seamless conversion: The tool seamlessly converts landscape videos into portrait format, ensuring that the transition is smooth and natural. This feature enhances the visual appeal of the videos and makes them more suitable for mobile and social media platforms.

3. Improved viewing experience: By cropping videos into portrait format, Videgraph's tool optimizes the viewing experience on mobile and social media platforms. Portrait videos are better suited for these platforms, as they fit the screen dimensions and provide a more engaging and immersive experience for viewers.

Use Cases:

1. Social media content creation: Videgraph's video cropping tool is ideal for content creators who want to optimize their videos for social media platforms. By converting landscape videos into portrait format, users can ensure that their content is visually appealing and optimized for mobile viewing.

2. Mobile advertising: Businesses and marketers can utilize Videgraph's tool to convert their landscape video advertisements into portrait format. This allows them to effectively reach their target audience on mobile devices and maximize the impact of their advertising campaigns.

3. Personal video editing: Individuals who want to edit their videos for personal use can benefit from Videgraph's video cropping tool. Whether it's capturing a memorable moment or creating a video for social sharing, the tool provides an easy and efficient way to convert landscape videos into portrait format.

Videgraph's AI-driven landscape-to-portrait video cropping tool offers a convenient solution for converting videos into portrait format. With its seamless conversion process and improved viewing experience, the tool is valuable for content creators, businesses, marketers, and individuals alike. By utilizing Videgraph's tool, users can enhance the visual appeal of their videos and optimize their content for mobile and social media platforms.

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