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The AI image upscaler feature in VideoProc Converter AI uses deep-learning Super Resolution technology to upscale AI arts, old photos and low-resolution images by 2x, 3x, or 4x to even 10K resolution by generating real details.0
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What is VideoProc Image Upscaler?

VideoProc Converter AI is a powerful tool that utilizes deep-learning Super Resolution technology to upscale and enhance images, allowing for better printing, sharing, cropping, showcasing, and archiving. With the ability to increase resolution, enhance quality, remove noise, and sharpen images with authentic details and vibrant colors, this AI image upscaler is perfect for improving old photos or low-resolution images.

Key Features:

1. 🖼️ Super Resolution: Upscale images by 2x-10K resolution while maintaining authentic details and vibrant colors.

2. 🌟 Image Enhancement: Enhance image quality automatically with options for fixing compressed/blurry/defocused pictures or retouching face details.

3. 🔇 Noise Removal: Remove noise from low-light or grainy pictures to improve clarity and restore old photographs.

4. ✂️ Sharpening: Increase edge definition in digital camera or scanner images to enhance clarity and make photos sharper.

Use Cases:

1. Boost Sales with Appealing Product Images: Improve low-quality product photos for e-commerce platforms to attract customers and boost sales.

2. Elevate Photography Works: Enhance the quality of photography works by increasing resolution, enhancing color accuracy, removing noise, and sharpening edges.

3. Revitalize Animation Scenes: Scale up animation scenes without losing detail or introducing pixelation for a more immersive viewing experience.


VideoProc Converter AI's AI image upscaler offers an efficient solution for enhancing images with its advanced features like super resolution scaling, automatic enhancement of image quality, noise removal capabilities,and sharpening tools.With applications across various industries such as e-commerce,social media,presentation,and photography,this tool can transform your visuals into high-quality masterpieces.Invite users to try VideoProc Converter AI today,to experience the efficiency firsthand,and witness how it streamlines their operations,resulting in stunning visual content that stands out from the crowd.


1. How does the AI image upscaler work?

The AI image upscaler in VideoProc Converter AI uses deep-learning Super Resolution technology to upscale images by 2x-10K resolution while preserving authentic details and vibrant colors.

2. Can I enhance old or low-resolution photos with this tool?

Yes, you can use the AI image upscaler to enhance old or low-resolution photos by increasing their resolution, improving quality, removing noise, and sharpening edges.

3. Is VideoProc Converter AI compatible with both GPU and CPU computation?

Yes, VideoProc Converter AI is compatible with both GPU and CPU computation, allowing for efficient processing of images without requiring high computer configurations.

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