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Drop swipe files. Get winning ideas. Actionable, data-backed ad creative insights from your competitors' winning ads.0
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What is Ad Intel?

Ad Intel is the only AI-powered creative strategist that identifies and dissects winning ads to deliver insights that drive ROAS. 

Built for creative teams, performance marketers, and agencies frustrated with the hassle of swipe files, ad libraries, and spreadsheets. Simply connect your Meta Ad account and select your competitors to see the specific ad creative elements, concepts, and strategies that make a winning ad.

Ad Intel ingests 100s of ads daily to help you stay on top of your game… and ahead of the competition.

Key Features:

  1. 🕵️‍♂️ Competitor Tracking: Automatically identify, track, and analyze the most successful ads from your closest competitors, saving you time and resources.

  2. 📊 Unique Performance Insights: Uncover the latest trends and nuanced ad creative concepts that drive high performance, enabling you to make informed decisions for your campaigns.

  3. 🛠️ Actionable Suggestions: Receive detailed variant suggestions to enhance your existing creatives, potentially reducing creative production time by up to 90%.

  4. 📈 Competitive Comparison: Compare your ad performance against industry leaders with deep analytics, ensuring you remain competitive in your market.

  5. 📜 Custom Reports: Generate white-label reports that provide insights into your ads' performance, which can be crucial for client presentations and strategic planning.

Use Cases:

  1. An e-commerce business leverages Ad Intel to discover emerging trends in the industry and adapts its ad strategy to capitalize on these trends, increasing sales.

  2. A digital marketing agency utilizes Ad Intel to track and analyze competitors' ads for a client, uncovering a successful ad format that they later adopt to improve campaign results.

  3. A startup uses Ad Intel to identify and monitor niche winners in their market, allowing them to refine their targeting and creative approach to achieve better engagement.


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Updated Date: 2024-06-24
Ad Intel was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 4th 2024.
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