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Factors.AI is an end-to-end marketing analytics platform that integrates across data silos to delive0
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What is Factors.AI?

Factors is a B2B insights and intelligence software that helps businesses grow their pipeline and optimize their marketing efforts. It offers features such as account analytics, attribution, activation, and journey analytics. With Factors, businesses can discover and convert anonymous website traffic, refine the buyer journey, measure ROI, and generate robust reports. Trusted by over 200 high-growth B2B teams, Factors is a powerful tool for driving sales and revenue.

Key Features:

1. Account Analytics, Attribution & Activation: Factors allows businesses to identify and attribute sales-ready accounts visiting their website. It empowers intent-based outreach and helps businesses make every marketing dollar count towards revenue.

2. Discover, Qualify & Convert Anonymous Website Traffic: With Factors' industry-leading IP-lookup technology fueled by 6sense and Clearbit, businesses can uncover anonymous companies visiting their website. This feature enables businesses to qualify and convert potential leads.

3. Refine the Buyer Journey from Clicks to Conversions: Factors provides funnels, path analysis, and AI-fueled insights to help businesses understand what is helping and hurting their objectives across the buyer journey. This feature allows businesses to optimize conversions at every step of the funnel.

Use Cases:

- Lead Generation: Factors is ideal for businesses looking to generate predictable pipeline. By using AI-fueled account identification and attribution, businesses can discover and convert sales-ready accounts, resulting in increased lead generation.

- Marketing Optimization: Factors helps businesses refine their marketing strategies by providing insights into the buyer journey. By understanding the effectiveness of different marketing efforts, businesses can optimize their campaigns and minimize wasted spends.

- Sales Performance Improvement: With Factors, sales teams can crush their quotas effortlessly. By identifying and attributing sales-ready accounts, sales teams can focus their efforts on high-potential leads, resulting in improved sales performance.


Factors is a powerful B2B insights and intelligence software that offers a range of features to help businesses grow their pipeline and optimize their marketing efforts. With its account analytics, attribution, and activation capabilities, Factors enables businesses to discover and convert anonymous website traffic. By refining the buyer journey and measuring ROI, businesses can make data-driven decisions and maximize their marketing performance. Trusted by over 200 high-growth B2B teams, Factors is a valuable tool for driving sales and revenue.

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Updated Date: 2024-04-30
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