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Designed to increase your tax firm’s productivity by up to 80%, AI.TaxAssist is an AI-powered tax preparation system that significantly enhances the efficiency of tax filing processes.0
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What is AI.TaxAssist?

AI.TaxAssist is a cutting-edge AI-driven tax software, meticulously designed to revolutionize tax preparation and filing for service providers. With its direct integration with IRAS and compatibility with popular accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks, this software simplifies the process, reducing manual errors and streamlining operations. Its AI engine, adept at recognizing patterns in financial data, enhances accuracy and efficiency, promising productivity boosts of 50-80% for tax firms.

Key Features:

  1. Automated, AI-Powered Tax Preparation: AI.TaxAssist utilizes advanced AI to identify trends in revenue, expenses, and transactions, simplifying tax preparation and enhancing accuracy with every use.

  2. One-Click Import and Submission: Seamlessly import financial data from Xero and Quickbooks and directly submit Form C-S to IRAS, eliminating manual data entry and reducing human error.

  3. Customizable Workflow Management: Offers a sophisticated system for larger firms, including customizable roles, permissions, and client portals to manage workflows efficiently.

  4. Flexible Plans and Integration: Provides a pay-per-assessment plan for small firms and comprehensive, adaptable features for larger ones, fully integrating with IRAS e-filing and supporting various tax forms.

  5. Client Portal and Unified Interaction: Features an integrated client portal for streamlined communication and documentation, simplifying the tax preparation and submission process for both the firm and the client.

Use Cases:

  1. A small tax firm boosts productivity by 50% after implementing AI.TaxAssist's AI-powered tax preparation, significantly reducing the time spent on manual data entry and form filling.

  2. A large tax firm with multiple departments streamlines their operations using AI.TaxAssist's customizable workflow management, enhancing team collaboration and client engagement through the integrated client portal.

  3. A tax service provider ensures error-free tax filings for their clients by leveraging AI.TaxAssist's direct integration with IRAS e-filing, making the submission of Form C-S a seamless and efficient process.


AI.TaxAssist is the quintessential solution for tax service providers looking to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and client satisfaction. Its blend of advanced AI, integration capabilities, and customizable workflow management positions it as a pivotal tool in modern tax preparation. Ready to transform your tax firm's operations? Request a demo at


  1. What is AI.TaxAssist, and how does it help tax service providers?

    • AI.TaxAssist is an AI-driven tax preparation and filing software that automates the tax preparation process, integrates with popular accounting software, and streamlines communication through a client portal, significantly enhancing efficiency and accuracy for tax service providers.

  2. Can AI.TaxAssist support the filing of Form C-S and GST?

    • Yes, AI.TaxAssist directly integrates with IRAS e-filing, enabling seamless submission of Form C-S and GST, ensuring compliance and reducing the chance of errors.

  3. What payment plans does AI.TaxAssist offer for small and large tax firms?

    • For small firms, AI.TaxAssist offers a pay-per-assessment plan at $10 SGD per assessment. For larger firms, it provides a sophisticated, fully customizable experience with roles, workflow management, and client portals, tailored to the firm's needs.

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