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Align API: Guardrails for AI apps. NSFW detection, save on inference costs, align with brand values. Easy integration, fast response times. Optimize AI content.0
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What is Align API?

Align API is a plug-and-play solution that provides guardrails for AI applications. It offers features such as NSFW/sensitive topic detection, saving on inference costs, prompt cleaning, and the ability to align with brand values. The API is easy to integrate into any application and has fast response times.

Key Features:

1. NSFW/Sensitive Topic Detection: Align API proactively identifies NSFW (Not Safe For Work), sensitive, and unwanted topics in AI-generated content. This feature allows users to filter out undesirable prompts before sending them for inference.

2. Save on Inference Costs: By catching undesirable prompts before they are sent for inference, Align API helps reduce unnecessary token usage and saves on inference costs. This feature ensures that only relevant and appropriate content is generated.

3. Prompt Cleaning: With the ability to programmatically add or remove keywords, Align API enables users to steer away from touchy topics in AI-generated output. This feature gives users control over the content generated by their AI applications.

Use Cases:

1. Content Moderation: Align API can be used by platforms or social media companies to automatically detect and filter out NSFW or sensitive content posted by users. This helps maintain a safe environment for all users while reducing manual moderation efforts.

2. Brand Alignment: Companies can utilize Align API to ensure that the language generated by their chatbots or virtual assistants aligns with their brand values and tone of voice. By filtering out inappropriate or off-brand responses, businesses can enhance customer interactions and maintain consistency in messaging.

3.Cost Optimization: By using Align API's prompt cleaning feature, organizations can prevent AI models from generating content related to controversial subjects that may lead to negative consequences or legal issues.This not only reduces potential risks but also saves resources spent on handling such situations.


Align API provides essential guardrails for AI applications through its features like NSFW/sensitive topic detection, cost-saving measures, and brand alignment capabilities. By integrating Align API into their applications, businesses can ensure that the generated content is in line with their values while reducing risks and optimizing costs. With its easy integration process and fast response times, Align API offers a reliable solution for aligning AI applications with desired outcomes.

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