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the only AI platform turning ideas into production-ready code in 4 mins. Automate your backend applications development, ensuring consistency, predictability, and adherence to the highest standards with code that’s built to scale.0
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What is amplication?

Amplication is a groundbreaking AI-powered platform that revolutionizes the way developers build backend services. It offers a rapid, efficient means to generate customizable, production-ready backend services, free from vendor lock-ins and black boxes. With a focus on complete ownership and control, Amplication supports developers in creating robust, scalable applications with significant time and resource savings.

Key Features

  1. AI-Powered Code Generation🤖

    • Amplication leverages AI to generate models, APIs, and configurations, streamlining the development process and boosting productivity.

  2. Production-Ready APIs🚀

    • The platform provides full-featured GraphQL and REST APIs, ensuring that the backend services are ready for production use right away.

  3. Data Model Simplification📊

    • Users can easily define entities and database schemas, making the process of creating and managing data models straightforward and efficient.

  4. Role-Based Access Control🔐

    • Automatically generated identity and permission models enhance security and streamline access management.

  5. Microservices Support🛠️

    • Amplication caters to various architectures, supporting both synchronous and asynchronous communication for microservices.

Use Cases

  1. Rapid API Development🚀

    • A development team can use Amplication to quickly generate APIs for a new application, significantly reducing the time to market.

  2. Legacy System Modernization🔄

    • Companies looking to modernize their legacy systems can use Amplication to build new services and APIs on top of existing databases.

  3. Monolith Decomposition🔧

    • For businesses with monolithic applications, Amplication aids in breaking down these structures into more manageable microservices.


Amplication stands out as a transformative tool for developers seeking to build backend services efficiently and effectively. Its AI-powered features, support for microservices, and emphasis on full ownership of source code make it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. By choosing Amplication, developers can focus more on innovation and less on repetitive coding tasks, ultimately leading to faster, more secure, and scalable application development.

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