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april uses revolutionary AI to enhance and improve tax filing, estimation and preparation by integrating into any app or platform, driving new user interactions0
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What is april?

Revolutionizing the world of tax filing and preparation, april leverages cutting-edge AI to offer a seamless, user-friendly experience right within your favorite apps and platforms. With a suite of full-stack tax products, including smarter filing, estimation, and paycheck optimization, april simplifies tax time, making it a breeze for users. Trusted by financial institutions, it increases engagement, drives new account creation, and secures significant deposit growth by integrating tax solutions that taxpayers actually love.

Key Features:

  1. The Filer: Offers a smarter, mobile-first filing experience that optimizes tax refunds, enabling users to deposit their federal refunds directly into their savings.

  2. The Estimator: Removes the surprise of taxes by accurately estimating liabilities, expenses, and refunds ahead of time, helping users plan their finances better.

  3. The Paycheck Optimizer: Adjusts withholdings to put more money in your paycheck, ensuring optimal tax benefits and financial control.

  4. AI-Powered Tax Interview: Streamlines the filing process by prefilling customer data and skipping irrelevant questions, resulting in an average of just 52 questions out of a possible 900.

  5. Mobile-First Design: Provides a user-friendly experience on mobile devices, with a 95% average refund deposit capture rate, 43 minutes average time to complete a return, and a Net Promoter Score of 58.

Use Cases:

  1. A neobank saw its tax refund capture rate soar to 98.9% when it integrated april’s filing product, driving significant deposit growth.

  2. By offering tax filing for free upon signing up for a checking or savings account, financial institutions can drive new account creation, enhancing customer base expansion.

  3. april enables businesses to connect with customers during critical financial milestones, offering hyper-personalized services and recommendations, increasing engagement and loyalty.


By integrating april's AI-driven tax solutions, businesses not only enhance customer satisfaction and engagement but also secure significant financial gains. Join the ranks of trusted brands that have harnessed the power of april to make tax time a breeze for their customers. Ready to revolutionize your business? Get started with april today.


  1. Q: How does april's tax interview work?
    A: april's tax interview uses AI to prefill customer data, intelligently skips irrelevant questions, and streamlines the tax filing process, making it quick and easy for users to complete their returns.

  2. Q: Can I trust april with my tax information?
    A: Yes, april is an authorized IRS E-FILE provider, ensuring that all tax information is securely handled and submitted according to IRS standards.

  3. Q: How does april help financial institutions increase engagement and deposits?
    A: By embedding april's tax filing product, financial institutions can offer a seamless tax solution, boosting customer engagement year-round and capturing a higher percentage of tax refunds, leading to significant deposit growth.

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