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Discover Brilliant Labs, an open-source ecosystem merging augmented reality with generative AI. Hack, build, and modify your AR experiences with Monocle, living documentation, and an open-source codebase. Unlock the future of AR with Brillant Labs.0
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What is Brilliant Labs?

Brilliant Labs is an open-source ecosystem that combines augmented reality (AR) with generative AI. It offers Monocle, a device that enhances learning, discovery, and navigation through the arGPT app. With living documentation and an open-source codebase, Brilliant Labs empowers users to hack, build, and modify their AR experiences.

Key Features:

1. 📱 Monocle: An AR device that can be clipped onto any frame and features an on-the-go charging case.

2. 📚 Living Documentation: Continuously updated documentation to support users in exploring new features and hacking possibilities.

3. 💻 Open-Source Codebase: The ability to fork the codebase under the MIT license allows users to customize their AR experiences.

Use Cases:

1. Education Enhancement: Students can use Monocle paired with the arGPT app to augment their learning experience by accessing additional information or interactive content related to their studies.

2. Creative Exploration: Artists and designers can leverage Monocle's open-source nature to create unique AR artworks or immersive experiences for exhibitions or installations.

3. Personal Assistant Platform: Developers building personal assistant platforms can utilize Monocle's compact design and UI capabilities for running custom applications on dedicated devices.


Brilliant Labs' combination of augmented reality with generative AI opens up exciting possibilities for hackers, creatives, educators, developers, and more. By providing an accessible platform like Monocle along with living documentation and an open-source codebase, Brilliant Labs empowers individuals to reimagine the future of augmented reality while fostering collaboration within its community of enthusiasts worldwide

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