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Unlock your productivity superpower with a multilingual AI Keyboard, supercharged AI Chat, Smart Notes, and state-of-the-art Transcription.0
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What is Auri.AI?

Meet Auri, your AI superpower unlocking unprecedented productivity. Combining advanced transcription, rapid AI chat, smart note-taking, and professional-grade dictation, Auri transforms thoughts into action, empowering you with the ability to create, communicate, and organize like never before.

Key Features:

  1. 🎤 Voice-to-Written Magic: Effortlessly convert voice memos, meetings, or lectures into text, then refine them into various formats: emails, summaries, notes, and more.

  2. 💬 Interactive AI Chat: Get immediate assistance, ideas, education, and even language practice through AI chats, customizable with 17 personalities and dual engines.

  3. 📝 Smart Notes AI: Elevate note-taking with AI assistance for translation, summarization, grammar correction, and more, across 20+ languages.

  4. 🔊 Pro Dictation: Experience unparalleled voice recognition accuracy, turning speech into text seamlessly.

Use Cases:

  1. Business Professionals can transcribe meetings, generate reports, and craft emails hands-free during their commute.

  2. Writers and Students can dictate essays, auto-summarize research, and receive grammar assistance for error-free work.

  3. Multilingual Learners can practice speaking, receive instant translations, and engage in AI chats for immersive language learning.


Empower your workflow with Auri AI Pro, where the fusion of cutting-edge transcription, dynamic chat, intelligent note-taking, and top-tier dictation converge. Embrace a new era of productivity—write faster, smarter, and borderless. Try Auri today and witness the transformation in your daily tasks. Privacy-focused and intuitively designed, Auri is poised to become your ultimate digital companion. 

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