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Transform your in-store experience with Caper Smart Carts. Engage customers with personalized ads, real-time navigation, and advanced analytics.0
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Transform your in-store experience with Caper Smart Carts, the innovative solution that seamlessly integrates online and offline shopping.

Key Features:

  • Personalized Advertisements: Engage customers with relevant deals and recommendations on the smart cart's screen, creating a tailored shopping journey.
  • Real-time Wayfinding and List Syncing: Empower customers to navigate the store effortlessly, access digital coupons, and sync shopping lists, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Advanced Analytics and Loss Prevention: Gain valuable insights into customer behavior, optimize store operations, and prevent shrink with powerful AI-driven analytics and anti-theft capabilities.

Use Cases:

  • Grocery stores can leverage Caper Smart Carts to increase customer satisfaction, reduce checkout friction, and drive sales through personalized promotions.
  • Retailers can enhance the customer experience by offering digital coupons, targeted advertisements, and loyalty rewards, leading to increased basket sizes and repeat visits.
  • Shopping malls can introduce smart carts to provide interactive wayfinding, streamline store operations, and generate revenue through digital advertising.

Caper Smart Carts seamlessly integrate with existing systems, making deployment and scaling effortless. With advanced features like sensor fusion, AI integration, and all-day battery life, these smart carts offer a captivating in-store experience that delights customers.

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