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Supercharge your LinkedIn lead generation with Cleverly's data-driven agency. Find prospects, write personalized messages, execute outreach, and close deals effortlessly. Book a call now!0
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What is Cleverly?

Cleverly is a LinkedIn lead generation agency that uses data from successful B2B campaigns to send personalized messages to potential clients on LinkedIn. The software helps generate client leads, revenue, and pipeline by targeting and engaging qualified decision makers. It offers four main functions: finding prospects, writing messages, executing outreach, and closing deals. Cleverly also provides LinkedIn profile optimization, lead generation services, content creation and ghostwriting, as well as sales strategy guidance.

Key Features:

1. Find Prospects: Cleverly builds targeted lists of ideal prospects on LinkedIn.

- Advantage: This feature saves time by identifying the most relevant leads for users.

2. Write Messages: Users can craft clear and personal cold outreach messages that get responses.

- Advantage: Personalized messaging increases the chances of getting positive responses from potential clients.

3. Execute Outreach: Cleverly sends custom messages to thousands of ideal prospects every month.

- Advantage: Automated outreach allows users to reach a large number of potential clients without manual effort.

Use Cases:

1. Lead Generation: Cleverly can be used by businesses looking to generate qualified leads on LinkedIn automatically.

- Example Use Case 1: A marketing agency wants to expand its client base and uses Cleverly's prospecting feature to find potential clients in their target industry.

- Example Use Case 2: A software company wants to increase sales and utilizes Cleverly's messaging feature to send personalized outreach messages at scale.

2. Sales Strategy Optimization: Businesses can leverage Cleverly's expertise in optimizing sales strategies on LinkedIn.

- Example Use Case 1:A sales team wants to improve their response rate on LinkedIn and seeks guidance from Cleverly's account managers for ongoing campaign improvements.

- Example Use Case 2:A freelance consultant aims to position themselves as an industry influencer using viral content strategies provided by Cleverly.

Cleverly is a powerful tool for businesses looking to generate leads and optimize their sales strategies on LinkedIn. With features like prospecting, messaging, outreach automation, and expert guidance, Cleverly helps users save time and increase their chances of closing deals. Whether it's finding prospects or crafting personalized messages, Cleverly offers a comprehensive solution for LinkedIn lead generation. Book a call with Cleverly today to explore how it can help your business grow.

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