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CleverType is an AI-powered keyboard app for Android and Chrome plugin that enhances writing with features like grammar correction, tone adjustment, and ChatGPT integration.0
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What is CleverType?

Introducing CleverType Keyboard, a cutting-edge AI-enhanced typing companion powered by GPT-4 technology, seamlessly integrating features from Copy AI, Writesonic, Quillbot, and Wordtune. This smart keyboard is designed to elevate your writing efficiency and accuracy, featuring a suite of AI-driven tools that refine grammar, tone, and even content creation, instantly translating into 40+ languages. Download CleverType now for free and revolutionize your typing journey with advanced tools that amplify your writing prowess.

Key Features:

  1. Intelligent Grammar Correction: Harness the power of CleverType's AI engine to bid farewell to typos and grammatical errors. ChatGPT's advanced technology actively optimizes your syntax, spelling, and punctuation in real-time as you draft.

  2. AI-Supported Typing Assistant: Enhance your typing skills with over 50 innovative AI features that simplify the creation of emails, social media content, and essays. Enjoy quick emoji suggestions, predictive text enhancements, and unparalleled writing support to boost productivity.

  3. Contextual WordTune: Optimize your chats with CleverType's exclusive Contextual Tone feature, powered by ChatGPT. Express emotions and moods through tone-perfect messages. Choose from formal, casual, sarcastic, poetic, flirty, or Gen Z tones to make your dialogues captivating and true-to-life.

  4. Customization at Your Fingertips: Transform your keyboard into a work of art with endless customization options. Customize colors, shapes, and layouts to your liking, ensuring total control over your personalized typing canvas.

  5. Instant Translation Across 30+ Languages: Break language barriers with a single tap. CleverType Keyboard supports over 30 languages for effortless global communication, ensuring you can connect with friends, family, and colleagues worldwide without leaving your keyboard.

Use Cases:

  1. Crafting a business email, CleverType adapts the tone to be formal and professional, ensuring your message is polished and appropriate for the corporate setting.

  2. Authoring a social media post, the keyboard intuitively suggests trendy phrases and emojis, enhancing engagement and capturing the audience's attention.

  3. Communicating with a multilingual team, CleverType translates messages on the fly, making cross-cultural collaboration seamless and effective.


Embark on a smarter, faster, and more personalized communication journey with CleverType Keyboard. Experience the future of typing today; download CleverType and unlock your potential for powerful, error-free writing.


  1. Can CleverType really fix all my grammar mistakes?

    • Yes, CleverType's AI is designed to detect and correct a wide range of grammatical errors, providing you with polished and professional text.

  2. Does CleverType work with all apps?

    • Absolutely! CleverType integrates seamlessly with all your favorite apps, enhancing your typing experience across platforms.

  3. How does the WordTone feature work?

    • WordTone intelligently adjusts the tone of your writing to fit the context, be it formal, casual, or humorous, ensuring your messages convey the right mood effortlessly.

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