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CodeComplete is building an Enterprise-focused AI code assistant similar to Github Copilot0
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What is CodeComplete?

CodeComplete is an AI coding assistant designed for enterprise use. It offers a suite of coding tools to enhance the developer workflow, including security features, fine-tuning capabilities, and training data integrity.

Key Features:

1. 🔒 Security: CodeComplete ensures the highest level of security by allowing self-hosted deployments on-premises or in the cloud. This means that your intellectual property (IP) and data never leave your firewall.

2. 🎯 Fine-tuning: The software allows you to fine-tune its models directly on your codebase, enabling it to incorporate your specific libraries and coding patterns for more accurate suggestions and assistance.

3. 📚 Training Data Integrity: CodeComplete mitigates legal risks by training its models only on permissively-licensed repositories, ensuring that the training data used is legally compliant.

Use Cases:

1. In-house Development: CodeComplete proves beneficial in enterprise settings where developers can leverage its advanced features securely within their own infrastructure while maintaining control over their IP.

2. Customized Assistance: By fine-tuning the AI models with specific libraries and coding patterns, CodeComplete becomes a valuable tool for teams working with unique technologies or frameworks.

3. Legal Compliance: For organizations concerned about licensing issues related to using open-source code in proprietary projects, CodeComplete's focus on permissively-licensed repos provides peace of mind.


CodeComplete offers an all-in-one solution for enhancing the developer workflow in enterprise environments through secure self-hosted deployments, fine-tuned AI models tailored to specific codebases, and adherence to legal requirements regarding training data sources. With these key benefits, CodeComplete empowers developers to write better code efficiently while safeguarding their intellectual property and ensuring compliance with licensing regulations

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