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DiffSynth Studio is a Diffusion engine. We have restructured architectures including Text Encoder, UNet, VAE, among others, maintaining compatibility with models from the open-source community while enhancing computational performance.0
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What is DiffSynth Studio?

DiffSynth Studio, a groundbreaking diffusion engine, fuses cutting-edge architectures like the Text Encoder, UNet, and VAE to amplify your visual projects. Our innovation maintains compatibility with open-source models, optimizing computational performance and offering a multitude of features designed to transform your video and image synthesis experience. It's time to witness the magic of diffusion models redefined.

Key Features:

  1. Extended Video Synthesis: Enjoy the creation of long-form videos with up to 128 frames, surpassing limitations of conventional diffusion models.

  2. High-Resolution Image Generation: Break barriers in image synthesis with support for stunning 4096x4096 pixel resolutions.

  3. Toon Shading and Video Editing: Transform realistic videos into a cartoonish masterpiece, complete with editability.

  4. Video Stylization: Experience stylized videos without the need for video-specific models, enhancing your visual storytelling.

  5. Chinese Models & LoRA Fine-tuning: Generate images with Chinese prompts using Hunyuan-DiT and fine-tune with LoRA for nuanced results.

Use Cases:

  1. Digital artists can create hyper-realistic or stylized artwork with unprecedented resolution.

  2. Content creators can generate long-form videos with animated effects, enhancing viewer engagement.

  3. Video editors can stylize footage and apply cartoonish effects, enriching their storytelling capabilities.


DiffSynth Studio is your gateway to the future of visual creation. Whether you're a digital artist, content creator, or video editor, our AI engine transforms your ideas into visual masterpieces, pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Ready to elevate your creativity? Join us and unlock the magic of Diffusion models today.

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