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Search all your tabs and apps, find exactly what you need, and organize your workday in just a few clicks. Meet Dash, your personal universal search tool.0
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What is Dropbox Dash?

Dropbox Dash is an AI-powered universal search tool that goes beyond file searching. It allows users to search across all connected apps, emails, and more in one place. With Dash, users can ask questions and get relevant information from their apps and files. Additionally, it enables users to search their entire desktop, including open browser tabs, calendar events, and emails. The software also offers smart collections called Stacks for better organization.

Key Features:

1. Search Across Connected Apps: Dropbox Dash integrates with popular tools like Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, Notion, and more. Users can use a single search bar to simultaneously search through all connected apps.

2. Ask Questions: Users can ask Dash specific questions and receive summarized information from various sources such as apps and files to find the answer they need.

3. Desktop Search: In addition to app searches, Dash allows users to quickly search their entire desktop environment in seconds. This includes open browser tabs, calendars events or appointments,and emails.

Use Cases:

- Streamlined Workflow: By providing a unified interface for searching across multiple applications at once,Dash saves time by eliminating the need to switch between different platforms.

- Efficient Information Retrieval: When faced with a question or problem,Dash gathers relevant data from various sources,making it easier for users to find answers without manually sifting through multiple documents or applications.

- Organizational Efficiency: With Stacks feature,user's important information can be grouped together regardless of its source (files,browser links etc.),making it easier for teams collaborate on projects.

Dropbox Dash offers a comprehensive solution for efficient searching by allowing users to access content from various sources within one platform.Users can save time by using a single search bar instead of navigating through different applications individually.Dash's ability  gather relevant information helps streamline workflows while keeping everything organized with its Stacks feature.With Dropbox's trusted security measures in place,users can confidently search and access their data without compromising sensitive information.

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Updated Date: 2024-04-30
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