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Featherless is a platform to use the very latest open source AI models from Hugging Face. With hundreds of new models daily, you need dedicated tools to keep with the hype. No matter your use-case, find and use the state of the art AI model with Featherless.0
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What is Featherless AI?

Featherless is a serverless AI model provider that offers access to over 450+ Hugging Face models, with new models added weekly. This platform provides a cost-effective and efficient way to run AI models, with pricing plans starting at $10/month. With Featherless, users can enjoy unlimited personal use, full OpenAI compatible API access, and private, secure, and anonymous usage. The platform supports LLaMA-3-based models, including LLaMA-3 and QWEN-2, and plans to add more architectures in the future.

Key Features:

  1. Model Library📚: Access to over 450+ Hugging Face models, with new models added weekly.

  2. Serverless Inference⚡️: Run models without worrying about infrastructure or maintenance.

  3. Cost-Effective💸: Pricing plans starting at $10/month, making it a more affordable option compared to traditional GPU-based solutions.

  4. Unlimited Personal Use📊: No time cap on model usage, with concurrent requests limited according to the plan.

  5. Private and Secure🔒: Anonymous usage with no logs stored, ensuring user privacy.

  6. Custom Inference Stack🤖: Allows for dynamic model swapping and autoscaling according to user workload.

  7. FP8 Quantization🔋: Maintains output quality while improving inference speeds.

Use Cases:

  1. Researchers can use Featherless to access a wide range of AI models for their projects, without worrying about infrastructure costs or maintenance.

  2. Developers can integrate Featherless into their applications, providing users with a seamless AI-powered experience.

  3. Individuals can use Featherless for personal projects or hobbies, such as generating art or writing, without breaking the bank.


Featherless provides a unique solution for AI model access, offering a cost-effective, efficient, and private way to run Hugging Face models. With its growing library of models and custom inference stack, Featherless is an ideal choice for researchers, developers, and individuals alike. Try Featherless today and experience the ease of AI model access firsthand.

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