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Gantry offers a platform for observability, analytics, and evaluation of AI-powered products, aiming to build AI that users can trust.0
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What is Gantry?

Gantry is a cutting-edge platform designed to enhance the observability, analytics, and evaluation of AI-powered products. It is built on the fundamental goal of creating AI that users can trust, offering a suite of tools that streamline testing and deployment processes.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Data Logging:Gantry captures all relevant data from your AI products, logging inputs and outputs, and enriching them with metadata and user feedback. This holistic view ensures you have the full picture of your model’s performance.

  2. In-Depth Model Analysis:The platform provides robust tools to analyze model behavior, identifying areas for improvement. It monitors for errors and underperforming cohorts or use cases, enabling targeted enhancements.

  3. Feedback-Driven Model Improvement:Gantry leverages user feedback to refine models. It programmatically gathers unusual or underperforming examples, facilitating more effective retraining of your AI models.

  4. Programmatic AI Testing:Gantry revolutionizes the way AI is tested, akin to software testing. It eliminates the need for manual review of thousands of outputs when modifying prompts or models, allowing for more efficient and effective evaluation of LLM-powered applications.

  5. Safe Rollout of Changes:The platform ensures the safe deployment of changes by detecting and fixing degradations quickly. It monitors new deployments in real-time, enabling seamless updates to the version of your app that users interact with.

Use Cases:

  • AI Product Development:Streamline the development process by quickly falsifying hypotheses and confidently directing product development.

  • Model Behavior Insights:Gain fast, fine-grained insights into your models’ behavior, with the option to explore within Gantry’s UI or pull down data for deeper analysis.

  • Enterprise-Ready Solutions:Bring your own models and data, and leverage Gantry’s serverless streaming dataflow engine to process enterprise-scale data securely and efficiently.

Why Gantry:

  • Trust and Reliability:Gantry helps build AI that users can trust, a critical factor in the adoption and success of AI-powered products.

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness:It simplifies and accelerates the testing and deployment processes, leading to faster development times and fewer errors.

  • Continuous Improvement:Gantry enables a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement, as more undesirable behaviors are detected and folded into the tests.

Gantry stands out in the market by combining powerful observability, analytics, and evaluation capabilities, making it an indispensable tool for companies aiming to build and maintain high-quality AI-powered products.

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