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Boost productivity and engagement with Glean, an AI-powered enterprise search software. Personalized results, knowledge graphs, and easy setup. Discover more!0
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What is Glean?

Glean is an AI-powered enterprise search and knowledge discovery software that enhances productivity and engagement for companies of all sizes. It utilizes generative AI, deep learning-based LLMs, and vector search to provide semantic understanding for natural language queries. Glean continuously trains on a company's unique language and context to improve search relevance without the need for manual fine-tuning. With Glean, users can access personalized results, chat with an AI assistant for answers and summaries from various documents, conversations, tickets, and more.

Key Features:

1. Generative AI-Powered Assistant: Glean's AI assistant delivers answers, analyses, and summaries by leveraging generative AI technology. Users can chat with the assistant to obtain information from their company's data sources securely while maintaining privacy and permissions-awareness.

2. Personalized Results & Knowledge Discovery: Glean builds a knowledge graph specific to each company by understanding people, content, interactions so that every result is personalized to the user's needs. Even before searching, Glean suggests relevant information based on ongoing work activities or team trends. When knowledge artifacts are missing or incomplete within the organization's resources, Glean identifies experts who can provide assistance.

3. Easy-to-Use & Scalable Setup: With over 100 connectors available, Glean seamlessly integrates with existing applications used by companies without compromising data source permissions in search results. The setup process is quick and adaptable to meet the requirements of large enterprises without requiring professional services. Additionally, hosting options are provided to align with each company's data security policies.

Use Cases:

- Enhanced Workplace Productivity: By utilizing advanced search capabilities powered by generative AI technology combined with personalization features like suggested information based on ongoing work activities or team trends.

- Efficient Knowledge Sharing: Through its ability to build a comprehensive knowledge graph specific to each organization which enables easy access to expertise within the company.

- Streamlined Information Retrieval: Glean's AI assistant provides quick and accurate answers, analyses, and summaries from various data sources, including documents, conversations, tickets, and more.


Glean is a powerful enterprise search and knowledge discovery software that leverages generative AI technology to enhance productivity and engagement within organizations. Its features include an AI-powered assistant for delivering personalized results and insights, the ability to build a company-specific knowledge graph for efficient knowledge sharing, as well as seamless integration with existing applications. With Glean's user-friendly interface and scalable setup process, companies can unlock the full potential of their data while ensuring privacy and security.

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