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Empower Your Support Team with Gofer: - Streamline Conversations thanks to our suggested responses. - Transform your support KPIs and Analyze your customer's Sentiment improvement. - Elevate Performance in Real-Time thanks to Gofer's AI live coaching.0
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What is Gofer?

Gofer, the innovative AI assistant designed for customer support teams, transforms the way businesses handle customer inquiries. By providing personalized coaching for agents, summarizing threads, and analyzing sentiments in real-time, Gofer enhances efficiency and boosts productivity. With integrations for popular support apps and a pricing model that scales to meet your needs, Gofer ensures top-notch customer support while streamlining operations.

Key Features:

  1. AI Personalized Coaching:Offers tailored improvement suggestions for support agents, streamlining the training process and ensuring they are at their best when dealing with customer queries.

  2. Thread Summarization:Quickly catches you up on the essence of lengthy ticket threads, saving time and increasing the efficiency of your support team.

  3. Sentiment Analysis:Gauges customer satisfaction by analyzing sentiments in interactions, providing insights into agent performance and overall service quality.

  4. Suggested Responses:Reduces response times with AI-generated suggestions, enabling agents to handle queries promptly and professionally.

  5. Seamless Integration:Connects with your existing customer support apps, ensuring a smooth workflow and easy adoption.

Use Cases:

  1. A small business struggling to keep up with customer queries uses Gofer to improve response times and agent performance, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

  2. A medium-sized company integrates Gofer into their support system, allowing them to analyze customer sentiments and tailor their services for better engagement.

  3. A large corporation employs Gofer for its advanced analytics and coaching features, optimizing their support team's performance across thousands of tickets per month.


Gofer revolutionizes customer support by empowering teams with AI-driven insights and tools. Whether you're aiming to boost agent performance, enhance customer satisfaction, or save time and resources, Gofer is the solution. Start your free trial today and see the difference for yourself!

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