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What is Tiledesk?

Tiledesk is a conversational automation software that allows users to design, test, and launch conversation flows on various channels without the need for coding skills. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, users can easily create engaging customer experiences by adding or removing actions in real time. The software also integrates AI chatbots with knowledge base expertise to provide accurate and natural responses to customers' inquiries. Additionally, Tiledesk offers a visual flow builder for showcasing personalized products and automates customer conversations using generative AI chatbots.

Key Features:

1. Conversation Flow Design: Tiledesk provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that enables users to effortlessly design conversation flows without any coding skills required. Users can add or remove actions in real time, ensuring an engaging customer experience.

2. AI Chatbot Integration: By leveraging AI technology, Tiledesk allows users to equip their chatbots with knowledge base expertise. This ensures that customers receive accurate and natural responses to their inquiries, reducing the need for human intervention.

3. Visual Product Showcase: With Tiledesk's visual flow builder feature, businesses can enhance the shopping experience for their customers by showcasing visually appealing product cards at the perfect time. This helps engage customers and boost sales.

Use Cases:

- Customer Support Automation: Businesses can automate their customer support interactions using Tiledesk's conversational automation features. By integrating AI chatbots with knowledge bases, common queries can be answered accurately and efficiently without requiring human agents.

- E-commerce Personalization: Using the visual flow builder feature of Tiledesk, e-commerce businesses can showcase personalized product recommendations based on customer preferences and browsing behavior.

- Streamlining Workflows: Companies across various industries can use Tiledesk's drag-and-drop interface to streamline internal workflows by automating repetitive tasks through conversational automation.


Tiledesk offers a comprehensive solution for conversational automation in customer engagement scenarios. Its user-friendly interface allows users to design conversation flows effortlessly, while AI integration ensures accurate and natural responses. The visual flow builder feature enhances the shopping experience for customers, leading to increased sales. By automating customer interactions and streamlining workflows, Tiledesk saves time and improves efficiency. Whether it's customer support automation or personalized e-commerce experiences, Tiledesk provides a powerful tool for businesses looking to enhance their customer engagement strategies.

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