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IndigoAI is an advanced AI tool with three powerful modes to enhance productivity and efficiency for various tasks.0
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What is Indigo?

Indigo is the AI suite that brings the future to your desktop and web applications. With a stroke of your keyboard, access three powerful modes: Assistant, Command Palette, and Vision Commands. Whether it's writing reports, enhancing texts, or converting visuals into data, Indigo is your team's secret weapon. Plus, a scalable pricing plan ensures solo users and teams can harness AI's potential.

Key Features:

  1. Assistant Mode:A chatbot infused with your brand knowledge to help with tasks like creating reports or summarizing content.

  2. Command Palette:A tool for seamless creation, brainstorming, and planning, leveraging clipboard content across applications for enhanced intelligence.

  3. Vision Commands:Activate with a keystroke to command tasks like coding UIs or crafting SEO-optimized captions from visual content.

  4. Team Setup:Empower teams with AI for streamlined collaboration, brand consistency, and innovation.

  5. Living Knowledge Base:Connect over 200 integrations to create a dynamic, evolving database that grows with your organization.

Use Cases:

  1. Streamline report writing by leveraging Indigo's Assistant Mode for generating insightful summaries and analyses.

  2. Improve team productivity by using Vision Commands to convert visual ideas into actionable text, accelerating the creative process.

  3. Enhance content quality across applications using Command Palette to refine texts and adapt to your brand's style seamlessly.


Indigo offers solo users and teams an AI-driven upgrade, from crafting reports to managing data. With a scalable pricing plan, you can enjoy individual AI assistance or equip your entire team. Ready to transform your workflow with AI? Get started with Indigo today.

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