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Meet inlineGPT - the any where AI-copilot. how it works: – write & highlight your prompt in any text field – hit ⌘ + Shift + 1 – AI output gets instantly pasted in works in email, figma, slack, notion - you name it. retains styles, too.0
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What is InlineGPT?

Introducing inlineGPT, your seamless AI companion that integrates effortlessly into all your favorite applications, from email clients to design platforms like Figma. This innovative tool allows you to leverage the power of AI by simply highlighting text and pressing a hotkey, transforming your selected prompt into intelligent output right before your eyes. Best of all, inlineGPT is completely free, requiring only your OpenAI API key to unlock its potential.

Key Features:

  1. Universal Integration: Works across a wide range of applications, enhancing productivity and creativity wherever you need it.

  2. Effortless Interaction: Simply highlight text to use as a prompt and hit the designated hotkey (⌘ + Shift + 1) to generate AI responses.

  3. Instant AI Output: Replaces selected text with AI-generated content, providing quick answers, suggestions, or translations.

  4. Retains Text Styles: Maintains the formatting of the original text, ensuring the output fits seamlessly into your document or design.

  5. Free and Accessible: Requires no subscription fees, just your OpenAI API key to start using inlineGPT across your apps.

Use Cases:

  1. Enhance your emails with professional-sounding content by using inlineGPT to rewrite messages or generate new text.

  2. Boost your design workflow in Figma by using AI to suggest layout improvements or generate placeholder text.

  3. Streamline your research by quickly summarizing lengthy articles or translating foreign language content without leaving your browser.


InlineGPT revolutionizes your interaction with AI, making it an integral part of your daily workflow. Whether you're crafting emails, designing interfaces, or conducting research, this tool saves time and boosts creativity. Don't let context-switching slow you down; embrace the future of AI integration and claim your free inlineGPT today!


  1. How does inlineGPT work with my existing applications?

    • InlineGPT integrates seamlessly with various apps by using a hotkey command to replace highlighted text with AI-generated content, enhancing your productivity in any text field.

  2. Is there a cost associated with using inlineGPT?

    • InlineGPT is completely free to use, requiring only your OpenAI API key to activate its AI capabilities across your applications.

  3. Can inlineGPT retain the formatting of the original text when generating output?

    • Yes, inlineGPT is designed to maintain the original text styles, ensuring that the AI-generated content fits naturally into your existing documents or designs.

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