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Kagi is a paid, ad-free search engine developed by Kagi Inc., a company located in Palo Alto, California.0
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What is Kagi Search?

Kagi Search, founded by Vladimir Prelovac, challenges the status quo with its mission to humanize the web by prioritizing users' best interests. By charging a nominal fee for its services, Kagi ensures its search results are unbiased, accurate, and respectful of privacy. This innovative approach aligns incentives with users, promoting an ethical future for the web.

Key Features

  1. Kagi Search: Ad-Free & Ethical
    Kagi Search offers a private, ad-free search experience, ensuring that search results are driven by user needs, not advertiser demands. This model guarantees faster and more relevant results, as well as the protection of user data.

  2. User-Block Option & Zero Search Telemetry
    Kagi's unique features include the ability for users to block sites directly from the interface. Combined with zero search telemetry, Kagi Search ensures a completely anonymized search experience.

  3. Global Infrastructure for Low Latency
    Kagi's global infrastructure automatically connects users to the closest node, significantly reducing connection latency and improving speed. This, along with optimized technology stack and reduced data transfer, makes Kagi Search faster than many competitors.

  4. Lenses & Personalized Results
    Lenses provide advanced filtering options, while Personalized Results allow users to customize their search experience based on past searches and interests, without compromising privacy.

Use Cases

  1. Confident Online Research
    A student can trust Kagi Search for unbiased research without ads influencing the search results, ensuring a more reliable and efficient learning experience.

  2. Focused Productivity at Work
    Professionals can use Kagi's Lenses to filter their searches for highly specific, high-quality content, increasing productivity without being overwhelmed by irrelevant results.


Kagi Search is redefining the web experience by prioritizing user needs over profit. By offering a suite of user-centric products, Kagi is committed to creating a safe, private, and ethical online space. Join the movement towards a better web experience; your privacy and satisfaction are worth it.


  1. Why should I pay for a search engine?
    Paying for a search engine ensures that the service provider's incentives align with yours, providing faster, more accurate, and private results. Unlike ad-supported models, Kagi Search prioritizes user needs over advertisers.

  2. What makes Kagi Search different from Google and other search engines?
    Kagi Search is ad-free and respects user privacy by anonymizing data and offering zero search telemetry. It also allows users to block sites and includes features like Lenses and Personalized Results, which are not available in traditional search engines.

  3. How does Kagi ensure faster search results?
    Kagi employs a global infrastructure for low latency connections, optimizes code execution speed, and significantly reduces data transfer to decrease load times and carbon emissions, making searches both faster and environmentally friendly.

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