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Keragon is an Integration and Automation platform to enable you connect all your homegrown & 3rd party solutions and build healthcare-specific automations without code, in weeks.0
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What is keragon?

Keragonis an AI-powered automation platform designed specifically for the healthcare industry. It enables users to connect various healthcare software systems seamlessly, facilitating the creation of HIPAA-compliant automations without the need for coding. This platform streamlines workflows, enhances operational efficiency, and ensures the secure handling of sensitive health information.

Key Features:

  1. Seamless Integration: 🤝

    • Keragon offers over 100 pre-built integrations with popular healthcare tools and platforms, allowing for effortless connectivity and data exchange.

  2. HIPAA Compliance: 🛡️

    • The platform is built with HIPAA compliance at its core, ensuring that all automations and data handling meet the stringent requirements of healthcare regulations.

  3. No-Code Workflow Builder: 🛠️

    • Users can create complex, custom workflows using a simple drag-and-drop interface, eliminating the need for programming skills and accelerating the automation process.

  4. AI-Powered Assistance: 🧠

    • Keragon incorporates AI helpers to guide users in optimizing workflows, suggesting improvements, and ensuring efficiency.

  5. Time and Resource Efficiency: ⏱️

    • By reducing the time and resources needed for integration and maintenance, Keragon helps healthcare organizations focus more on patient care and less on technical complexities.

Use Cases:

  1. Patient Intake/Onboarding: 🏥

    • Automate the collection and processing of patient information, streamlining the onboarding process and reducing manual data entry.

  2. Patient Triage: 🚨

    • Implement automated systems to assess and prioritize patient cases based on urgency, improving response times and patient outcomes.

  3. Data Unification, Transformation & Syncing: 🔄

    • Integrate data from various sources, transform it into a standardized format, and sync it across different systems, ensuring data consistency and accessibility.


Keragon stands out as a powerful, user-friendly platform for healthcare automation. Its focus on HIPAA compliance, extensive integration capabilities, and AI-driven workflow optimization makes it an invaluable tool for healthcare organizations seeking to enhance their operational efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of data security. Try Keragon today and experience the future of healthcare automation.

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