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Quickly set up AI phone assistants for making and receiving calls, no coding needed.0
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What is Leo AI phone assistants?

Leo, a AI phone assistant, empowers non-technical users to swiftly deploy call management solutions without the need for coding. Its intuitive no-code builder, human call transfer capability, and automatic call transcriptions and recordings make it a versatile tool for businesses of all sizes. With custom voice options and 24/7 availability, Leo ensures seamless communication and efficient call handling, enhancing customer service and operational efficiency.

Key Features:

  1. No-Code Builder: Leo's user-friendly interface enables anyone to set up AI phone assistants for making and receiving calls, eliminating the need for technical expertise.

  2. Human Call Transfers: Callers can request a transfer to a human representative at any point during the call, ensuring flexibility and personalized service.

  3. Transcriptions and Recordings: Every call is automatically transcribed and recorded, providing valuable data for review and record-keeping.

  4. Custom Voices and Call Summaries: Users can choose from built-in voices or upload their own, and benefit from automatic call summaries for quick reference.

  5. Instantly Trained Agents: Each phone agent is tailored with a knowledge base and tools designed for specific needs and use cases, eliminating lengthy training periods.

Use Cases:

  1. AI Customer Service for Shopify Stores: Leo streamlines customer service by handling calls 24/7, improving response times and customer satisfaction.

  2. Lead Qualification for Realtors: Leo pre-screens leads, saving realtors time and ensuring they only engage with qualified prospects.

  3. Appointment Setting for Home Service Professionals: Leo schedules appointments, reducing no-shows and optimizing service delivery.


Leo's AI phone assistant revolutionizes call management, offering a scalable, customizable solution that benefits businesses across various industries. With its intuitive design and robust features, Leo ensures seamless communication and enhanced operational efficiency. Ready to transform your call handling? Start your journey with Leo today.


  1. Can Leo handle high call volumes?

    • Yes, Leo is designed to scale and can efficiently manage high call volumes, ensuring no calls are missed.

  2. Does Leo support multiple languages?

    • Currently, Leo supports English, but the team is actively working to introduce more languages soon.

  3. Can I create multiple assistants with Leo?

    • Absolutely, Leo allows you to create as many assistants as needed, tailored to different tasks or departments.

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