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Start and share Google Meet video calls seamlessly within Slack. Streamline collaboration efforts and improve team communication with Meet for Slack.0
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What is Meet AI for Slack?

Meet for Slack is an AI tool that allows users to quickly start and share Google Meet video calls directly from the Slack messaging platform. With a simple command, users can initiate audio and video meetings without leaving their Slack workspace. The tool also integrates with Google Calendar, updates Slack status during meetings, and offers natural language scheduling capabilities.

Key Features:

1️⃣ Instant Meetings: Start and share Google Meet calls seamlessly within Slack using the "/meet" command.

2️⃣ On-the-Go Collaboration: Initiate meetings in personal DMs, group DMs, or channels to facilitate quick discussions.

3️⃣ Integration with Google Workspace: Enjoy enterprise-grade video conferencing features by integrating Meet for Slack with your Google Workspace account.

Use Cases:

1. Team Collaboration Made Easy: Instead of going through multiple steps to set up a meeting on Google Meet and then sharing the link manually, teams can use Meet for Slack to instantly start audio or video calls with one command, streamlining collaboration efforts.

2. Efficient Communication on the Fly: When text-based conversations become lengthy or cumbersome, users can transition seamlessly into a call by initiating a meeting right where they are chatting in Slack.

3. Simplified Scheduling Process: With natural language understanding capabilities powered by OpenAI ChatGPT integration, users can easily schedule future meetings using everyday language commands like "/meet book a meeting with @John at 9 AM next week on Thursday for 30 mins."


Meet for Slack simplifies the process of starting and managing virtual meetings by allowing users to launch instant Google Meet calls directly from their Slack workspace. By eliminating the need to switch between platforms or perform manual tasks like copying links or updating calendars manually, this AI-powered tool enhances team collaboration efficiency while providing seamless integration with existing workflows. Whether it's quick ad-hoc discussions or scheduled appointments in the future, Meet for Slack makes virtual meetings effortless and convenient.

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