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Nerve is a tool that creates stateful agents with any LLM — without writing a single line of code.0
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What is nerve?

Nerve is a revolutionary tool that enables users to create stateful agents with any Large Language Model (LLM) without writing a single line of code. These agents can plan and execute step-by-step actions to complete user-defined tasks, dynamically updating their system prompt with new information gathered during previous actions. Nerve provides a standard library of actions, allows for user-defined agents, and works with any LLM, making it a versatile and efficient tool for automating problem-solving.

Key Features:

1️⃣ Automated Problem Solving: Nerve's agents use a standard library of actions to inform and enhance their performance, including identifying goals, devising plans, and creating memories. 💡
2️⃣ User-Defined Agents: Agents are defined using a standard YAML template, allowing users to create custom agents for any task. 📝
3️⃣ LLM-Agnostic: Nerve works with any LLM, providing flexibility and compatibility. 🤝
4️⃣ Efficient and Memory-Safe: Nerve is a single static binary or Docker container that doesn't require heavy runtimes, ensuring maximum efficiency and memory safety. 💻
5️⃣ Customizable: Users can define custom functionalities and integrations with various APIs, such as ollama, groq, or OpenAI. 📈

Use Cases:

  1. A senior developer uses Nerve to create an agent that automates complex tasks, such as finding which process is using the most RAM on a remote host via SSH.

  2. A researcher uses Nerve to create an agent that helps with data analysis, automatically generating reports and visualizations based on user-defined prompts.

  3. A business owner uses Nerve to create an agent that automates customer support, providing personalized responses and solutions to customer inquiries.


Nerve is a powerful tool that empowers users to create intelligent agents that can automate complex tasks without requiring extensive coding knowledge. With its flexibility, efficiency, and customizability, Nerve has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach problem-solving. Try Nerve today and experience the power of automated intelligence! 

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