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Boost your productivity with Noty: an AI tool that transcribes, summarizes, and tracks to-do lists, saving you time in meetings and organization. Try it now!0
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What is Noty AI?

Noty is an AI-powered tool that transcribes, summarizes, and tracks to-do lists. It transforms meetings into actionable items by providing AI-generated transcriptions and summaries. With Noty, you can easily track team and personal performance using AI-generated to-do lists, helping you stay productive and organized.

Key Features:

1. AI-generated To-Do Lists: Noty creates to-do lists from meeting content, allowing you to prioritize tasks effortlessly and accomplish more.

2. Meeting Summaries: AI-driven summaries capture the essence of your discussions, providing valuable insights at a glance for review or record-keeping.

3. Meeting Transcriptions and Follow-ups: Noty accurately transcribes meetings, webinars, and notes with context-aware notations. You can search, share, and export meeting highlights and notes, enabling easy collaboration and analysis.

Use Cases:

1. Design Process Optimization: Noty helps streamline the design process by storing meeting insights and eliminating endless revisions, creating a go-to UX knowledge hub.

2. Sales Target Achievement: With one-click follow-ups and AI-generated summaries, Noty allows you to focus on client relationships and closing deals, helping you achieve your sales targets.

3. Task and Timeline Management: Noty handles note-taking during meetings, allowing you to stay fully present and focused on important tasks and timelines, from ideation to roadmapping.


Noty revolutionizes the way you engage in meetings and boosts productivity. By providing AI-powered transcriptions, summaries, and to-do lists, Noty saves time, enhances collaboration, and helps you stay organized. Whether you're optimizing design processes, achieving sales targets, or managing tasks and timelines, Noty is the AI workplace assistant that elevates your team's output. Try Noty today and experience the benefits of streamlined workflows and increased productivity.

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