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What is Potato?

Potato is an AI-powered investment tool that allows users to test theories, track results, and expand their thinking. By inputting scenarios, Potato's AI engine generates investment theses and stock/crypto selections. It helps users navigate complex scenarios and offers a platform for socializing and competing with other investors.

Key Features:

1. 📈 Scenario-based Investing: Users can input various scenarios such as "war with China" or "a run on the banks," and Potato's AI engine will generate investment theses and recommend stocks/cryptocurrencies based on those scenarios.

2. 🔄 Portfolio Tracking: Originally starting as a portfolio tracking tool, Potato allows users to track their investments' performance over time.

3. 💡AI-driven Insights: Leveraging machine learning models, Potato helps users understand first, second, and third-order effects of events by predicting positive and negative outcomes in both short-term and long-term investing.

Use Cases:

1. A user wants to explore potential investment opportunities during times of geopolitical tension like a trade war or political conflict.

2. An investor seeks insights into market trends during economic crises or financial instability such as bank runs or recessions.

3. Traders looking for guidance on short-term trading strategies based on specific events like product launches or earnings reports.


Potato empowers investors by leveraging AI technology to provide scenario-based investing recommendations while also offering portfolio tracking capabilities. With its ability to analyze complex situations using machine learning models, it assists users in understanding the multi-layered effects of events on investments in both the short term and long term. Additionally, Potato aims to create an engaging social platform for investors to connect with each other while exploring new ideas in investing.

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